Stinky Straight guy

I know a hot straight italian guy named Russ. He is one of those guys who works hard all day, sweating and building up tension. At the end of the day, he wants  to upwind, opens a 6 pack and sparks his cigarette. Has nice dark manly facial hair. Big brown eyes. Amazing ripped body. with that dark Italian hair going in a line up from his pubes to his belly button. He always teased me and would bend over and makes comments about his sweaty ass needing licked and to taste the day off his balls. He always would whisper hints like that in a joking way when his girlfriend was away. This went on for months.

  One day he came over and said “Ok little boy, I want you to lick the stink off my balls, clean my fuckin ass hole and let me spit on you”. This I complied and boy did he smell and taste great. True straight guy. Mid way through getting serviced, He sparked a cigarette and sipped his beer. He burped and farted a few times and man did he spit on me and sit on my face. His ass tasted so musky and manly. So long since he showered after a long day. I got to clean him off. 100% straight angry man. 29 years old. Hard working. Got the hottest ass and balls ever seen!


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